Anticorrosion Treatment

Maveric Group Ltd offers a proven C-130 anti-corrosion treatment program for C-130.

This program is already certified and implemented by U.S. Coast Guard HC-130. Our treatment provides up to 2 year protection for internal structure of airframe, electrical and electronic components.

The low cost of application in combination with the low man-hour (as low as 25hrs) needed for the treatment will gives us the capability to maintain your fleet on site and in regular base.

Our Company offers full time monitoring and treatment contracts on year basis or ad hoc treatments.

By adding our treatment method in your maintenance schedule you reduce your overall corrosion maintenance cost, minimize the grounding time and extend your fleet life.

Our experienced and certified personnel in ACf-50 treatment process is ready to provide services anywhere in the world.

We can provide technical advices and support to any corrosion problem of your fleet, including airframe, electrics and electronics.

We will be pleased to provide you additional information and costing for your specific needs.

For more information pls download the brochure in downloads page.